About China Topworld

China Topworld sources, builds and delivers textile products to wholesale brands worldwide. We add value by responsibly managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting our trading partner's needs with competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.

  • A Global Sourcing Network.
  • Quality and management controls.
  • Long term colleagues with superior depth of experience.
  • Market knowledge on every level.

China Top World produces consumer goods across a wide range of textile and apparel categories. We specialize in performance wear, outdoor lifestyle apparel, work and safety wear, martial arts apparel, and sportswear products.

Comprehensive development capabilities enable us to take an initial design or idea all the way through to the finished product to your warehouse. Our team addresses each individual customer's specific needs. We understand well each importers needs and requirements are different. Our dedicated teams of product specialists focus on each customer's requirement, leveraging close ties with materials suppliers. In this way, our customers are better able to make well informed buying decisions.

Commitment To Your Satisfaction100%

Commitment To Quality100%

Commitment To Personalized Service100%

Commitment To Competitive Pricing100%

100% Committed To Our Customer

Trading Business

The trading business is the core of China Topworld. It operates as a global multi-channel sourcing platform which enables tailored sourcing options. From product design and raw materials sourcing to production management, and quality control, we collaborate with our customers, to achieve the finished products that their customers demand.

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